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Can / Jar Sterilizer


The Can / Jar Sterilizer is an automatic machine sterilizing empty jars and cans of the production line.

Its stainless steel structure is equipped with non-automatic inspection doors that permit to control the sterilization process and its proper operation.  The containers reach the machine on a table top chain conveyor whilst when they are inside the tunnel the containers are carried by a polypropylene conveyor belt equipped with combs placed on stainless steel guides.  Each working zone is equipped with an impeller pump to infeed the spray nozzles through stainless steel manifolds. The collection tank is equipped both with a heat exchanger and a control valve allowing the heating temperature to be kept constant.  Portholes allow the tank to be emptied quickly and an electric fan put on the outgoing conveyor dries the containers afterwards. A table top chain carries the containers to the downstream machine.



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