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The Seamer is a machine that automatically guarantees the seaming of empty cans or jars containing the most various kinds of product. Seaming is a process through which a cylindrical container and a lid are sealed.

The containers can be of white latten, aluminium, plastic or cardboard with ‘open top’, ‘easy open’ or ‘easy peel’ lids. During the seaming process, the containers are lifted on rolling plates that are raised until they reach the lid to be seamed.  Once the container and lid are wedged in, the rolls (First and Second operation) fold the lid and container sheet. During the First seaming operation, the sheets previously prepared are wedged in so that during the Second operation the container can be flattened and sealed. The seal quality depends on different factors such as length, thickness and overlapping width of the lid edges and the container.


The machine and its top head are constructed completely in AISI 304 stainless steel in order to avoid corrosion. The atmospheric seamer is supplied with an innovative automatic food grade oil lubrication plant with pump, filters, pressure control and with a steam trap to eliminate the condensation; it is also supplied with seaming rolls. This system considerably reduces maintenance requirements.  The motorised long-lasting devices are made up of frequency variator and emergency braking device.  The seaming system is controlled through a desmodromic cam that allows a perfect seaming even at high speeds.  Exclusion device of the Second seaming operation. Stainless steel safety protections allow the product recovery inside the machine to be conveyed to a manifold.  The noise level is less than 85 dB(A).


DSM device (Zacmi’s patent) allows to control in real time the seaming process of each container sealed by our machine. Mechanical or electronic synchronisation with the seamers by servo-motor.  Every machine is supplied with the WIP (Washing In Place) system. The seaming rolls and chucks are made of special materials with surface treatment that guarantees a better duration and fluidity.

The 3 head Seamer is supplied with the ‘stop and go’ device through which it is possible to stop the plate in order to facilitate the transfer of the can to the plate itself. The plate high speed does not cause any leak.



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