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Capping Machine


The capping machine is suitable to close jars and bottles with metal caps.

The machine can be supplied with Regular caps, Medium caps, Deep Twist-Off caps, Pry-Twist caps and Pry-Off caps. Its AISI 304 stainless steel structure with adjustable feet is supplied with polycarbonate protections and inspection doors. The machine format can be quickly changed and regulated without using special devices even when the machine is working. The Capping machine is also resistant to corrosion, easy to maintain and clean. Its operating cycle is completely automatic.  The capping process is effected in a chamber with saturated steam and under high vacuum inside the container to maintain a constant vacuum.  During the process, the screwing force remains constant in every working condition. At the end of the process the containers are transferred to the downstream machine through a table top chain conveyor.



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