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Double Seam Monitoring


The Double Seam Monitoring or DSM can be installed on all Zacmi Seamer; it checks the container seaming in real time and eliminates the defective ones at the end of the process.

In order to avoid a wrong reading, the Seamer equipped with the DSM has to be placed in  a way to reduce oscillations, vibrations and noises.  During its operating cycle a sort of mechatronic cam equipped with special sensors is able to release an electronic pulse, proportional to the seaming strength applied all around the seamed lid. This pulse, together with other signals emitted by both sensors and transducers on the machine, is used to identify the container, the seaming head, the instant speed and its relative force-position curve.

Sophisticated mathematical algorithms judge the curve acceptability and cancel any abnormal value in real time.

An outlet expeller is then activated to delete any defective container. The system can be set up with various recipes according to both the container size and the working process required.

The tolerance limits can be modified anytime.

The DSM saves the seaming trend through historical data and statistical diagrams.


Double Seam Monitoring files

Double Seam Monitoring videos