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Gravity Filler


This strong and reliable type of machine has been studied to fill liquid and semi-thick products into rigid glass, aluminum, plastic or tinplate containers.

The containers may be filled completely, or filled with a preserving liquid, when products such as fruit, peeled tomatoes, vegetables, etc., are already present in the container.

During its operating cycle, a table top chain conveys the containers to the variable pitch feeding screw, equipped with shock-absorber to facilitate their entrance, synchronized with the filler’s inlet star.

At the beginning of the filling area, the container is raised by a plate that brings it into contact with the filling valves.

A further short elevation of the container determines the valve opening, that allows the product to flow into the container.

Once filling is complete, the descent of the container allows a spring to bring the valve back to its closed position.

Once the final phase is completed, the containers are transferred to the seamer or capper.


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