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Linear Vertical Valve Piston Filler


The Linear Vertical Valve Piston Filler is suitable to fill liquid or semi-thick products containing pieces in suspension, into glass, metallic or plastic containers.

During the machine operating cycle, a moving piston guarantees the filling process. The product quantity may be modified, even when the machine is working, by changing the piston stroke.
The machine is supplied with a ‘no can – no fill’ device, according to which a plug is opened only if there is a container to be filled.


Technical Features
The rotation speed of the filler does not interfere with the process, due to the particular shape of the valve and once the filling operation is finished, the valve ends its stroke against the dosage nozzle, causing its closure at the bottom.
All the product held inside the valve is transferred into the container with a high filling accuracy. The wide plug piston group also allows the filling of products with large pieces, such as ravioli, without damaging them.
W.I.P. system predisposed, without disassembling any parts.

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