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Modular Tunnel Pasteuriser/Cooler


The Pasteuriser/Cooler is suitable to pasteurise and cool food products in metallic, glass, plastic or multi-layer under atmospheric pressure.

The machine is composed of modules that can operate as pasteurisation or cooling, depending on the predefined programme.

The containers are introduced into the pasteuriser-cooler via a single or multi-lane conveyor belt, where they can be preheated, if necessary, or pasteurised.

Pasteurisation is done by heating the product contained in the cans or jars, through water spraying by hot water obtained by heat exchangers running on water and steam sprayed onto the containers through nozzles fed by one or more pumps.

The water temperature is measured by probes that permit the opening of the valve or valves so as to maintain the set temperatures in various points.

The jar cooling is made by cold water spraying, or, depending on the need, with water at decreasing temperatures, supplied by centrifugal pumps.

All the pasteurising and cooling temperatures applied are recorded during the product’s thermal treatment.

The containers coming out of the pasteuriser are dried from excess water by means of an air blade and led onto a multi-lane conveyor belt for transfer to the subsequent processing phase.


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Modular Tunnel Pasteuriser/Cooler
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