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Powder Product Filler


The Powder and Granular Product Telescopic Filler is suitable to volumetrically dose products that are whole or in small or medium-sized pieces, into cans or glass jars.

During its operating cycle, a table top chain conveyor belt transfers the containers to a variable pitch worm screw, that spaces and synchronises them with a transfer star.

At the worm screw’s inlet, there is a shock absorber that facilitates the introduction of the containers to the worm screw and prevents damage.

The inlet star successively transfers the containers to the filling area where the telescopes guide the product into the container.

The product to be dosed is transferred onto the filling plate and is brought over the telescopes by means of special baffles.
The machine may be equipped with “no can – no fill” device, that allows the product to be filled only in the presence of the container.
Filling is made by gravity.
During the filling step, the containers undergo a constant vibratory movement.
Once the containers reach the outlet area, they are extracted by another star and subsequently transferred to the discharge conveyor belt, before going to the next processing stage.


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Powder Product Filler
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