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Spiral Pasteurizer/Cooler


The Spiral Pasteurizer/Cooler machine pasteurizes and cools rectangular containers or pouches.

Its external aspect is similar to a net, composed of a conveyor belt that develops vertically, forming a spiral.
It consists of two units, the first is used to pasteurize and the second to cool.
The pasteurization is made by heating the containers with hot water sprays, obtained through hot water exchangers and sprayed onto the containers by nozzles, fed by one or more pumps.
The water temperature is measured by probes that allow to control the opening of one or more valves, so as to maintain the temperature set in the various areas.
The container cooling is done by cold water spraying or, if necessary, by water at descreasing temperatures, fed by centrifugal pumps.
All the pasteurization and cooling temperatures applied, are recorded during the product’s thermal treatment.
The excess of water in the containers that come out from the pasteuriser is dried thanks to an air blade. After that, through a multi-lane conveyor belt, they are sent to the successive working phase.



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Spiral Pasteurizer/Cooler
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