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Vacuum Seamer


The Vacuum Seamer is suitable for the double seaming of containers to be vacuum-sealed. The Seamer is placed inside a stainless steel cylindrical chamber.

The machine is constantly and automatically supplied with both the full cans and lids through a process that avoids air filtering inside the chamber. The suction pump, that is outside the chamber, draws almost all the air (90% = 0.9 bar). An automatic system controls and keeps constant the chamber vacuum level. The cans used for this process can be made of cardboard, aluminium, plastic, tinplate, etc. with “Open Top”, “Easy Open” or “Easy Peel” lids. The stacked lids are divided one by one by a screw and are then fed until they reach a raising can that picks them up. During the seaming process the cans are put on specific rotating plates and raised until they reach the lid with which they will be seamed.  Specific seaming rolls hermetically seal  cans and lids. The seaming process consists of two phases: in the first phase metal sheets are prepared and bended, whil in the second phase lids are hermetically sealed with containers.


The machine is completely constructed in strong stainless steel and its critical points are made of special stainless steel materials resistant to corrosion. An advanced and automatic lubrication plant, equipped with oil recirculation device (specific for food), is installed on the machine. This plant is equipped with pump, filter, pressure control device and condensation ejection system. The machine moving parts, seaming rolls included, are constantly oiled in order to raise the machine efficiency and lessen its maintenance costs. The can and lid feeding system is electronically synchronized with the Seamer and several controls guarantee their perfect synchronization and the minimum spillage of product too. The container and lid feeding belts that go to the vacuum chamber are constructed with special devices that keep their tension constant and reduce their wear. The machine has a continuous water drainage system that collects the water during the vacuum-sealing process. If special maintenance is required, it is possible to remove the Seamer from the chamber exploiting the wheels put at its bottom; by doing so, the machine can glide upon special rails fixed at the base of the vacuum-sealing chamber. It is also possible to use the Vacuum Seamer as normal Seamer to work with hot preserving liquid.


  • DSM (Zacmi Patent) real time container seaming control device.
  • Seamer-Filler Electronic synchronization.
  • WIP washing system.


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