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Filling and Closing Monoblocks


The Filling and Closing Monoblocks are composed of two or more machines that prepare, fill and close different containers (metallic containers and glass or plastic jars ). They treat with hot or cold liquid and thick products, such as ketchup, baby-food , mayonnaise, sauce, juice, puree, tomato paste, isotonic drinks and tea.

There are several possible combinations that may include a Rinser, a Filler (according to the product to be dosed) and a Capper as well.

For example:

Rinser, Rotary or Vertical Valve Piston Filler and Capper.

Rinser, Electronic Valve Filler and Capper.

Rinser, Low Vacuum Filler and Capper.


The valves may be with vertical or rotary low-vacuum flowmeters, with or without vacuum application.

Main advantages:

Possibility to handle glass or PET containers.

High automation level, that allows to control the various filling, rinsing, washing, drainage phases, etc..

Rapid washing programme to change the product easily and quickly.





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Filling and Closing Monoblocks
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