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Rotary External Valve Vacuum Filler


The Rotary External Valve Vacuum Filler is suitable to fill liquid or thick products, with or without suspended solids.

Vacuum Fillers are designed to fill  metallic or glass recipients that already contain solid product, with a preserving liquid such as brine. Vacuum Fillers are classified as “internal valve” when the filling valves are inside the tank and as “external valve” when the valves are outside. The Vacuum Fillers are equipped with a system to create vacuum by means of a dedicated pump and rotary distributor. This system expels the air from the containers and then fills them with the preserving liquid. During its operating cycle, a table top chain conveyor leads the containers to the variable pitch feeding worm screw that facilitates their introduction. The feeding worm screw is synchronised with the inlet star that transfers the containers to the Filler. At the beginning of the filling area, the containers activate the “no can – no fill” device for access to the first phase of the operating cycle. The filling operation is regulated by a lever that commands the opening of the filling valve to allow the preserving liquid to flow from the tank into the containers. Once the final phase is complete, the containers are transferred to the Seamer or Capper.

Advantages of the External Valve Vacuum Fillers as compared to the Internal Valve Vacuum Fillers:

  • Possibility of filling both liquid and thick products containing large-sized pieces, without the need to change any part of the valve assembly.
  • Easy cleaning access due to the external valve positioning in relation to the tank.
  • No dripping occurs.


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Rotary External Valves Vacuum Filler
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