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The Multifiller is able to automatically dose various types of small or medium-sized solid products, into rigid glass, tinplate or plastic containers.

During its operating cycle, the table top chain conveyor transfers the containers to the variable pitch feeding screw, synchronised with the inlet star, that conveys them to the filler.
The product is conveyed from the plate to the telescopes or filling bushings, by means of baffles and is then dosed by a motorized brush.
During the telescope filling, the product does not fall into the containers as it is held back by the gate valve.
As the discharge area is reached, the product, no longer held back by the gate valve is automatically transferred to the containers.
The machine may be equipped with a “no can – no fill” device, that allows the product to be filled only when the container is present.
The same operation is repeated in all the dosage stations.
The container passage between the various heads and discharge is made by transfer stars.

Advantages of our Multifiller

  • High dosage accuracy.
  • Quick size changeover.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to all types of product and container.
  • WIP system, to reduce washing time to a minimum.
  • “Smart” level control to obtain excellent constant filling.
  • Product feeding system studied by Zacmi according to the various products.




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