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Semi-Telescopic Filler


The Semi-Telescopic Filler, with or without vibrating bushings, is suitable to automatically feed solid products such as peas, beans, green beans, lentils, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes etc., into rigid and flexible containers such as metal cans, plastic cups and glass jars.

During its operating cycle a conveyor belt carries the containers to the feeding screw maintaining a variable speed so as to facilitate their insertion. The feeding screw is synchronized with the inlet star that transfers the containers to the Filler.
The product is directly dosed into the container and its volume is defined by regulating the semi-telescope’s introduction.  Once the filling phase is over, the containers leave the machine and are transferred to the following working stage by means of a specific conveyor belt. The machine can be equipped with the “no can – no fill” device, that allows the product filling only if there is a container to be filled.

Semi-Telescopic Filler advantages:

  • High dosing accuracy
  • Rapid container size change
  • Flexibility and adjustment both to the products and containers
  • WIP system to reduce the washing time
  • Smart level control for constant filling
  • Product Feeding System studied by Zacmi according to the product used

“No can – no fill” device, that allows the product filling only if there is a container present.

Tamper device pressing the product into the container before it leaves the Filler.

Individual system to raise the container equipped with a vibrating device to settle the product inside the container.

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Semi-Telescopic Filler
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