About us

Zanichelli Meccanica S.p.A.
Founded in 1954 in Parma by Giuseppe Zanichelli, ZACMI manufactures machines and complete plants for the food industry.Today
More than 100 people work on a 37.000 m2 area, planning and manufacturing components and processing equipment for the food industry with high prototypal characteristics.  More than 1000  customers and a worldwide network of agents, over 2500 machines installed.
2016 Sales volume: 25 million Euro, 95% of which is exported.Innovation
ZACMI annually invests 8% of its revenue in R&D.  This permits to meet customers’ demands and offer updated, user-friendly, easy to clean machines.Flexibility
ZACMI is specialised  in solving customers’ problems and building tailor-made machines.

Automation and 4.0 Industry
User-friendly automation with SCADA system, R.A.S. (Remote Assistance Service) through Internet line, possibility to control the line through Smartphone or Tablet, are some of the features available with ZACMI platform.

Highest consideration and observance of the law in force (as for example: EN 292, EN 60204, 97/23/CE, etc.) and mutual benefit relationship with customers and suppliers.

1. Respect and protection of human rights
We respect and protect basic human rights guaranteed by international declarations as well as national constitutions and judicial precedents, and we do not infringe on such rights.

2. Prohibition of discrimination
We respect one another as individuals and do not discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity or race; religious or political convictions or other beliefs; gender; regional or family background; disability; or age.

3. Prohibition of harassment
We do not speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity based on issues such as gender, authority or position (sexual harassment or power harassment), nor do we engage in any other form of harassment.

4. Protection of privacy
We do not disclose information relating to individuals’ private lives gained in the workplace or in the course of our duties without the clear consent of the individual concerned.

5. Respect and protection of basic labor rights
We respect and protect basic labor rights, including workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, and we do not infringe on such basic labor rights.

6. Prohibition of forced labor / child labor
We do not take part in any form of forced labor or child labor.

7. Workplace health and safety
We comply with workplace health and safety laws as well as regulations designed to prevent workplace accidents. We ensure safe and healthy working conditions, promote the creation of comfortable work environments, and do not act in ways that conflict with these aims.

Our Company has an expert team constantly involved in Research and Development and a large percentage of resources is dedicated to training, that results in a product with highly prototypical characteristics.
All departments of our Company are aware of this development and our technicians follow their training both through specific courses as well as on the job, with the continuous support of highly qualified personnel.
A high importance is given to transversal expertise such as the knowledge of foreign languages, data processing and the development in leadership.
The newly-employed are trained both on the premises and through technical institutes present in our city.
As well as training our technicians, it is also our policy to adequately train our customers’ technicians in the correct operation procedures of the installed plants, both in our premises as well as on site, with the aim of obtaining their full satisfaction.

Lean thinking
In 2015, ZACMI started to introduce Lean Manufacturing and Lean thinking throughout the Company.  

ZACMI look to the future and not only to their own tomorrow. A relevant percentage of the revenues is invested in development projects.  Our target is not only the technical improvement of all the equipment but also the search for technology and materials that may reduce energy consumption, pollution during operation, disposal phases and environmental impact.

Quality as “modus operandi” because everyone at ZACMI is taught to do things in a proper way. The ISO 9001:2000 standard approval obtained in the year 2003 underlines the goal reached in these terms.
We guarantee our after-sales service everywhere in the world within the declared technical terms, by remote assistance, where possible, or by the presence of our technicians. The technical files of each plant are guaranteed in our records for at least 10+3 years.

ZACMI’s system is centred on customers’ demands and each product is manufactured accordingly.  Our goal is the total satisfaction of the customer.

Our mission
Through our long experience and consolidated Know-How developed over more than 60 years’ history and a consistent continuous innovation programme supported by R&D activities, OUR MISSION is to be a trusted and reliable technological partner for the World-Wide Food & Beverage Industries.