ZACMI considers the product quality, staff health and safety and environmental protection as essential strategic elements for its success. 

In fact, ZACMI is well aware that the competitiveness of its business strategy cannot be separated from the ability to provide a product that fully meets the Customers’ expectations, safeguarding the staff’s health and safety as well as the environment. 

For this reason, ZACMI has decided to apply and maintain a Quality, Environment and Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018 standards.

To keep in line with the company’s mission and values, ZACMI therefore commits to the following:

1. Consider the product and service quality and their constant improvement as a strategic factor in guaranteeing the satisfaction to Customers and stakeholders, thus consolidating the brand on an international level.

2. Favour the design of high-performance machinery characterised by a long lifespan with attention to environmental sustainability and also promoting the use of innovative technology.

3. Give preference to qualified suppliers that demonstrate their adherence to the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System principles. 

4. Maintain a high level of attention and sensitivity in each Collaborator towards sustainability topics, such as: governance, environment, health and safety and ethics, favouring an efficient communication able to increase the degree of knowledge, awareness and motivation. 

5. Expect from all its employees and collaborators the respect of the Company’s Ethics Code in the execution of their work activities, inspired by legal, contractual good faith, loyalty, fairness and transparency principles. 

6. Enhancement of the technical and non-technical skills of human resources with the introduction of training and involvement activities, in the event of misalignment between expected and effective skills.

7. Control and reduction of non-conformity in terms of quality and environment and of accidents and occupational disease and also managing near misses.  

8. Employees’ health, working place safety and attention to favourable environmental conditions, constitute the fulcrum of our policy.  To this aim, ZACMI commits to protect its collaborators’ health and safety and to create a better working place for employees and stakeholders.  

9. Ensure the pursuit of its compliance obligations and applicable requirements, as well as the continuous improvement of the management system and its performance in terms of quality, environment and safety.

10. Face and manage the scenarios of change inside and outside the Company, so as to guarantee the continuity of company performance, the quality of the products offered, respect for the environment as well as health and safety.

11. Pursue the engagement in protecting the environment and responsible use of natural resources, including the prevention of pollution that may develop in the production field, favouring the reduction of consumption and waste. 

12. Regularly and accurately control and measure the company’s performance in terms of quality, environment and safety, by establishing measurable improvement methods and documenting the related results.