Assistance and Training

We are always at your service whenever you need us. 

Our specialised technicians are ready to provide their service on site, to give you the best technical support.  No matter the reason, your satisfaction is important to us.

We are ready to support you in the supervision to installation and start-up, emergency service, machinery fine-tuning and more

Remember that you can connect with Customer Care at any time through your personal profile and “open a ticket” to start interacting with us.

Furthermore, to fully support you, we wish to share our experience and technical knowledge with you and for this reason, we are available to offer you a training period, through our professional technicians. 

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No matter how far away your machinery is from us, we are always connected with you! 

Our R.A.S. (Remote Access Service) included in all our equipment, allows our remote connection to your machines.

The advantages of this service?

  • HMI use
  • Reduced start-up time and cost
  • Avoids costs for on-site technical assistance
  • Less production stops
  • Monitoring and support in troubleshooting
  • Online Software update

ZACMI’s remote assistance programme also includes Augmented Reality (via app.) that allows connection through a smartphone, tablet device and even smart glasses.

In this way, we are able to talk in real-time and by simply moving your smartphone or other appliance, you can chat with us or just leave a message, send a photo or video.  Apart from this remote all service advantage, you can also plan a direct training session and thus increase the O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

(Our expertise is always at your service, for all your requests and we can provide smart glasses, upon request, to enable you to share your opinions, images and videos in high definition).



To guarantee the highest performance of your machinery, you need a constant service for the supply of spare parts, whether your machine belongs to the past or new generation. 

ZACMI will grant you full attention and care, providing the spare parts you require.

In addition to the spare parts, we offer an upgrade service to improve the performance and efficiency of your machinery. 


Through our Customer Care, you can see and download all the updated documentation on your machinery.

Here you will find drawings of the various components and you will be able to download the guidelines about your machinery to increase your technical ability.