Respect and Protection of Human Rights

We respect and protect basic human rights guaranteed by international declarations as well as national constitutions and judicial precedents, and we do not infringe such rights.


Prohibition of Discrimination

We respect one another as individuals and do not discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity or race, religious or political convictions or other beliefs, gender, regional or family background, disability, or age.


Prohibition of harassment

We do not speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity based on issues such as gender, authority or position (sexual harassment or power abuse), nor do we engage in any other form of harassment.


Protection of privacy

We do not disclose information related to individuals’ private lives gained in the workplace or in the course of our duties without the clear consent of the individual concerned.


Respect and Protection of fundamental labour rights

We respect and protect the fundamental labour rights, including workers’ rights to organize and negotiate collectively, and we do not infringe on such fundamental labour rights.


Prohibition of forced labour/ child labour

We do not take part in any form of forced labour or child labour.


Workplace health and safety

We comply with workplace health and safety laws as well as regulations designed to prevent workplace accidents. We ensure safe and healthy working conditions, promote the creation of comfortable work environments, and do not act in ways that are in conflict with these aims.