1 – Consider the quality of our product as a strategic factor for success;

2 – Increase the annual turnover, including the research for new strategic markets;

3 – Increase Company working efficiency in all its aspects with the application of the Lean method;

4 – Preference towards qualified Suppliers that follow our same Quality Control System principles;

5 – Consolidate the programming, production planning and cost determination systems;

6 – Development of the technical and general skills of our human resources, followed by training and inclusion activities, to assure alignment between the expected and effective competence;

7 – Monitoring and reduction of any non-conformity, in the awareness that every problem leads to a cost for the Company;

8 – Employees’ health and safety at work and consideration of favourable environmental conditions, are at the core of our policy.  To this aim, ZACMI is constantly engaged in protecting the health and safety of their employees and related stakeholders by creating an improved working environment;

9 – Compliance with the requirements of the related legislation, as well as the continuous improvement of its performance in the environmental field;

10 – Reduce the cause potential or evident accidents by adoptingsuitable for correction and prevention measures;

11 – Check for compliance with related laws;

12 – Guarantee a continuous and efficient communication network between the Company and its employees, through programmed meetings for discussion in relation to health and safety matters;

13 – Pursue the commitment to environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution that develops in production and the rational and efficient use of energy and raw materials, favoring the reduction of waste;

14 – Monitor the residual risk control level, in order to further reduce any potential risk through continuous improvement actions.